An Experience as a Google ML Facilitator!

I was never under this intuition that I would be selected as ML Facilitator. All I could think about this now is how quickly it brought me a huge difference in coding life and taught me many new things about Google.

While you will be reading this article, I would be leading the coder’s community in my college, on a mission to enrich the student ideas and way of approach towards ML.


The moment I knew.

I always liked to code and neither the less, I too stumbled upon this fancy term of ‘machine learning’. Yes, It is the future and I get that!

But Have you seen the huge code they write for separating a cat and a dog? That’s why I hated it in the first place.

It was great fun to call myself an aspiring data scientist. When I started to learn this machine learning, It was full of theoretical concepts which weren’t at all amusing to me. It basically made no sense.

I would spend hours trying to understand a simple piece of code and what it did. It so began to feel boring that I eventually had to hold it up for months.


Just a month back, I got selected for the Udacity Secure & Private AI course. I was like yeah! I could you know try again if this works out. Just the difference that this is Pytorch by facebook.

The first 2 weeks went really great. I got to understand and relate ML with real-life cases and hence learned what is only required. I kept it simple and easy. It’s not the time to make it go boring.

To keep the motivation going on, Google invited me to Bangalore office selected for ML Academy program.

Honestly, I had zero ideas what this event was at the time of registration, which included our personal details + resume + a short video on any of our works.

ML Facilitator Selection Email

I was on the 11th floor in heaven when I read this.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that they were paying us for the entire journey. Wew! ?

Days at Bangalore!

The first day, we reached the venue late as our flight got delayed.. and also not to mention the Bangalore traffic, which I am fed up for the rest of my life.

You know it’s horrible to not be able to do anything in the run, just stuck in traffic for a long time which is very valuable. That became the only reason to love my hometown more!

We reached the venue around 1 afternoon and directly proceeded towards lunch. As soon as I entered the Google office, I got to see and eat from the famous Google’s cafeteria. The cafeteria was very large and had all sorts of food from the South to the North.

.. It was too confusing to choose the food since every one of ’em was delicious. ?

The facilities google provide to their employees are really cool. They all are in their free dressing styles and Google has no problem with it. The place has noise-free areas where people could just relax and work.. on a bean bag or a sofa.

Nikita Gandhi Google India Bangalore

Things started to get on track after a quick ice breaker session. That was nice!

It was somewhat like our Bingo game.. where instead of numbers there were life experiences in each block.

We had to strike it off with the person who had that life experience and take a selfie too.

That pretty much ended up like this. ?

The event then began and taught me so many things.

This was actually the first time Google was hosting this ML Academy event (pretty much in the entire world). ? Although we expected to gather a few more knowledge from this event, we were given more training on how to form a community on our campus, improve our presentation skills and gather the people’s attention.

Amrit Sanjeev, who is a senior android developer gave a talk which was my favorite. He had previously spoken at Google IO 3 times and now had come for the event to help us stay motivated during our facilitator program and deliver things perfectly in certain strategies.

“To Amrit, If you are reading this… I was desperately waiting to meet you at the end of the class to have a talk with you. You had some amazing knowledge of things, which I wished to have discussed on.”

We also had talks from Nikita Gandhi Ma’am, Siddhant Agarwal, Mayank, and few many more.

Overall I very much had a fun experience going to Bangalore!

My plan is now to conduct workshops in our college and begin with the community of ML enthusiasts.

Workshop Mode ON!

#ExploreML Batch 1

I do nothing more than others. But I do it patiently & that I learn, apply, and share.