Smart India Hackathon Trip to Guwahati (2019)

I never thought this hackathon would take me to Guwahati. This has become a very special travel experience for me. Not just because this is the first article on my blog, and also this is the very first national hackathon I have gone to.

This travel gave me this unique idea to keep this a memory to start writing this blog & begin my traveling craze. You can read more about me and what’s the purpose of this blog on my about me page.

At the end of this article, I will share the Smart India Hackathon competition winning strategy, which I understood. I can guarantee you, reading this story would be worth it.


So it was the day.

We reached the airport early 3’o clock in the freezing cold morning. Most of us in the team were still sleepy. But then I came back to energy when I got to see Cochin airport after 4 years. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years and I am traveling far again.

Tell me who isn’t excited to fly in the air. We all were. Our Indigo flight was a direct flight to Guwahati at 6.10 reaching the place at 9:30, a 3-hour long flight. We waited in the lounge for the rest of the time. A few hours later did we meet our mentor and the rest of our team.

OMG! I could still remember the look I gave to that mentor in the way he walked in. He was a guy in mid-’20s with a nerdy look and swollen eyes. I was like.. This guy is seriously coder and woww we are winning this competition for sure.

We then met a few of our friends at the airport who had morning flight for the same SIH hackathon in Bangalore. We then boarded the airplane and had a deep morning sleep for a good 2 hours.

This view out of the window, with the clouds frozen deep, kept me enjoying and waiting to see the morning shine.

  • GIMT College Guwahati Night
    GIMT College Guwahati Night

GIMT, the college we were to for the next 36 hours.

It was worth it!!

  • Smart India Hackathon Prize Winning
    Winning 3rd Prize at Smart India Hackathon

So finally, we got featured at the homepage of our college website ( That’s the only time your could get to see me besides the congratulating toppers posts.

  • Appreciation From College TKMCE Website
    Appreciation From College TKMCE Website

It felt so good! OMG! Next time, It’s gonna be a grand poster.


After all the competitions, burning thunder and news reports everywhere… We were finally free.

I do nothing more than others. But I do it patiently & that I learn, apply, and share.